• PNGCCI welcomes Chinese delegation

    THE Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed technical assistance from China in building up the country’s manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

    PNGCCI president John Leahy while addressing the delegation from Shenzhen in China led by the Vice Mayor Ai Xuefeng said the manufacturing sector has experienced more reform in the trade area over the past decade and has come through stronger and more export focused.

    Mr Leahy pointed out to the delegation that the big growth areas has been in the onshore processing of the country’s substantial tuna resources and further stressed that there is potential for more in that field including timber or forestry for its onshore value.

    He said however the biggest sector which is also the backbone of this country is agriculture which 80 percent of the country’s population depend.

    "This is either in subsistence form or by way of cash cropping and plantation in coffee, cocoa, rubber, balsa right up to mega agricultural projects in the oil palm sector," Mr Leahy said.

    Mr Leahy added that there is still a need for agricultural extension services and again as the country expands there could be opportunities for the experience of PNG businesses to work on similar challenges faced in this country.

    "We would welcome technical assistance from China in this area. Consistent with the Maritime Silk Road strategy, it is to be expected that PNG could become a supplier to China for agricultural products," he said.

    He said the country has vast marine resources which could potentially supply the Chinese markets because of the fact that the oceans and seas surrounding this country are largely pristine with much untapped potential for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, if properly managed.

    "Together with our friends at Pacific Islands Trade and Investment Commission we have already commenced discussions with Sun Yat Sen University about the possibility of technical support for aquaculture in the country, again with the objective of opening up exports markets including China," he said.