• Foreword by the Ambassador

    Foreword by the Ambassador



    Papua New Guinea and China have enjoyed diplomatic and friendly relations since 1976.
    Since then, the bilateral relation continues to grow and is buoyed by increasing frequency of visits and interactions between political leaders, Government officials and business executives from both countries.
    Person to person contact and relations is also steadily growing with a marked increase in the number of individuals from both countries establishing contact through business, academic and personal relations.
    Bearing in mind, the significance of this century being called the “Asian Century” and the rise of China as the second largest economy in the world, it is important that Papua New Guinea actively plans and makes decisions that shapes our national future.
    The current and previous PNG Government has shown fortitude in maintaining the “One China” policy over the years and its intentions to increase our diplomatic and economic presence in China.
    The PNG Embassy in China is committed to that goal as well. It is committed to promoting and supporting exchanges and cooperation between the two countries and expanding the PNG – SINO relations.
    I hope that this website can assist as serving as a window into PNG and the relations and exchanges between the two countries.
    The Embassy is committed to providing also consular service information as well as a link to other PNG Government departments, agencies and private sector links.
    Thank you for visiting our website and I welcome your views and comments on the website and Embassy services.
    His Excellency Mr Christopher S. Mero, ISO
    Ambassador Extraodinary and Plenipotentiary